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🤱🏻I am a mom learning/implementing Montessori at home and having fun with my son


Lentils and beans in the cement mixer

Ramen noodles play 🍜

Colorful soup 🥣

Winter clothes- working on his minority language.

Newspaper and bubble wrap car wash

Art- Fish in the deep deep sea.

Nature treasures and reading a book under a tree.

Drop the pom-poms (using a trofast bin lid)

A hospital for his ambulances. 🖍

1000 hours outside challenge

Melissa and dough puzzles fit in the flitsat table! 🤩

Hiking in the snow

First time in a Science Museum

Funny faces- sticker activity

Fun bowling game with slide

Recreating a book scene

Black Art sensory activity

Pom pom ice creams

Sorting rocks by size


Ball race in a bin and pang-pang ball ramp

Parking lot to keep a tidy room

Parking cars

Cardboard Village- Cut from magazine

Firefighters play

Colorful chemestry

Learning how to do traditional Korean food


Little rocks sensory play

Penguin art activity

Observing and waiting 1 minute

Playing urban pin ball

Making rice cakes

Finding and collecting acorns

Trees Art

Hedgehog pretend play

First hiking in the mountain

Rescuing animals from mud

His first fun, free and messy art experience

Outdoor sensory play

Pretend play : camping

Washing his socks 🧦

Two pieces puzzle

Sorting colors

Trash in the square

Learning about delivery system- He loves this topic.

A day in a Montessori house

Artistic circles

Watching snow - color filters

Sorting activity

Snow ducks

Cooking with playdoh

Colorful carwash

Painting and playing with ice

Peeling an onion

Learning about farm

Toys color sorting- Eric Carle’s book of many things

Rainbow cars

Construction site

Mexican independence day

Experiment with milk-soap-paint (Crese Homeschool)


COVID inspired- No fight sensory table ☺️

Happy 2nd birthday our dear son🥰

Cars and lentils sensory play

Hanging daddy’s clothes

Washing sweet potatoes 🍠

The walking paper

Storaging eggs. No egg was damaged 👏

Climbing a slide. Mom, let me do it by myself!

Cleaning his dog

Clothes labels👕👖🩲🩳

The best sensory table- the ground- under a tree🌳

Colorful castle👑

Rescuing sea shapes from water

DIY coin box

His first craft- cloud decoration -kitchen towel balls

Brightening up our rainy day

Small cubes food for strengthening fine motor skills

Pistachio shells inside blocks - activity supervised😉

He is proud of jumping higher

Camping at home

Outdoors pincer grasp- picking up rocks

Trowing rocks to the water puddle

Pincer grasp- picking up pistachio shells from table

We decorated his table with pistachio shells

Paint free- painting activity. His first art project👨🏻‍🎨

Cleaning mirror and window.... just spraying water🤣

I found him “cleaning” his car

His current shelf

He also came up with this idea

He came up with this idea

Exploring nature alone (mom finally is not nervous🙌🏻)

Calling the elevator

8 months later he still likes this activity

Observe & discover your toddler’s real intentions

His independent playtime is increasing 🙌🏻 10am-12pm

Matching dog breeds

Learning to jump from a book

Pairing cards with his animals toys

2021 Spring scavenger hunt

Busy little man helping with the groceries

Helping to remove orange’s stickers and exploring them

Affirmation words for his soul and self-esteem.

My mother’s day gift

“Play is the work of the child” Maria Montessori

Wildlife at home observation

Learning to peel and eat a sweet potato

His own way to work on his patience

Exploring chopsticks for the first time 🥢

Color hunt: Red

Fishing game

Color recognition game

Hands fun exercise after breakfast

He starts showing interest on classification by shape

Natural construction site

Exploring the texture of a tree for the first time🌳

Rolling pompoms

Matching replicas w/ market promotional paper images.

1st time darkening his room before nap, his initiative❤️

3D 3 pieces puzzle

Finding the black rice

Sensory activity after breakfast

Blowing a feather

Find the ball

Practical life: Taking off shoes

Grace and courtesy: Knocking the door before going in

Our hybrid shelves this week

Visiting a “Kids cafe”

Montessori children’s house in our neighborhood ❤️

Learning to peel an egg

His first self care area in a budget

Sensory play ends in mess🤦‍♀️🤣

One piece puzzle: Things that go

Learning beautiful birds names

Finding the lid

Spoon activity in the car

Daily live show. That’swhy he knows many vehicles names

Another live show from window: Crane- moving neighbors

Every Thursday live show from his window. Trash pick up

Visiting the aquarium

Taking his laundry to the laundry machine

Reinforcing vocabulary with newspaper images

Transferring lentils.

Sensory water activity in public space

Exploring nature.

Father example-love for books.

Window road

Discovering a bolt under his table

Learning to open a ziplock bag

Loading and downloading a dump truck with soft rocks

Fine motor skill

The shape man

Learning about farming real life

Color matching: Working on new material while he naps❤️

His shelf this week

Sorting shapes

Under the bridge and to the basket!

Placing trays back to shelf

Muffin silicone molds

Sliding cars

Rolling a big ball

Getting ready- Floor cleaning

Fine motor skill - Hair bands

Taking care of plants

Real object matching card- Exploring potato texture

Sensory activity with rice

Playing with water and yellow objects

Dropping craft sticks in a bottle

Matching cards with similar objects

Pouring lentils in stacking cups

One piece puzzle- Korean food

Fruits and veggies cards to match with real ones

Reading Brown Bear by Eric Carle and matching cards

The butterfly life cycle

Exploring nature

Transferring objects with spoon

Transferring objects with strainer

Objects with similar cards for matching

Sorting girls and boys

Transferring with small ice tongs

Animal skin pairing activity