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Mel A. (Skyler & Sylvia)



Paper punch shapes

Count the tomatoes

Scissors work with Fresh green scallions

🍩 donuts

Cardboard boxes 📦

Little bird rescue from the parking lot

Recognition Chinese Characters

Cooking Tamagoyaki 🥚

Growing some sprouts

Food Prep - Nugget shaping

Flower paper prep for lil sis’s school theme

Superhero🦸‍♂️ DIY mask & cape for School’s Book week theme

It’s raining we can’t go out to play 😬

Visit to local aquarium

Chalk play outdoors hopscotch

Princess at work (Hammering)

Chopsticks Practice

Tamago Sushi rolls for dinner

Baking chocolate cookies!

DIY Vertical Magnetic Wall Board - Write & Doodles

Baking a cake

Fine Motor Scissors Work

Water Play - Water Gun Shoot Target Number Tiles

Practical life kitchen activity - Peeling onion skins