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Parenthood is an extension of childhood only with responsibility


Quick ice toy rescue

Flower crown made by 4.5 y.o.

morning doodling with mum

Exercising perseverance, concentration and focus.

Dungeons&Dragons the beginning of the adventure.


Ice Eggs


Great sensory work

Surprise for mom

Tell me your story - Story Cubes

Lesson of empathy

Child as a teacher

International Lego Day - January 28


Fractions using oranges

Cryptology day. Fun with detectives and code crackers

Montessori Dot Game


Gift for Grandpas

Peanut necklace for birds

Hundred Board

Matching game using shells

Left hemisphere puzzle


Play with the mirror

Stories for boys

Hug me, please!


George's Secret Key to the Universe

First day of the year with Monopoly

Christmas window decorations

Christmas atmosphere

Christmas decorations

A microscope for a little explorer

Three-dimensional letters

Letters to the Santa

Numbers and beads

Multiplication using pearls and a multiplication table

Making a teaspoon - part 2

Making a teaspoon - part 1

Make it real - from sketch to implementation. Design and 3d print

DIY Montessori beads

Associations - milk, cow, cheese

"Fishing" rubber bands

Peg box activity for toddlers

Praxinoscope - how animation works?

Movable Alphabet - Introduction

Bird’s Eye View

Chain of a thousand

Numerical sequences - Rummikub

Who is in our family? How old are they?

Great Britain

Anatomical puzzle

Making masks

Alive, inanimate, dead.

Melon balls

Using knife

Memo flag

Coloring letters

Creating large numbers

Matching animals to images

Knock knock play

Bird recognition - memo game