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Lucinda Lariviere

Certified Positive Discipline Educator. Montessorian. Mother of two. Live Facebook training on Wednesday nights- Montessori, Positive Discipline & Siblings FB Community.


Planet Three Part Cards

Peeling an egg

Vowel Book


Geography- Pangea, Dinosaur

Magnetic Tiles- Positioning schema extension


Color sorting/ Fine motor

Continent extension



Geography with Dinos

Math base ten

Dino timeline

Pink Tower/ Brown Stair

Practical life- Magnet doll dress up

Metal Insets

Color Box 3 extension

Fine Motor Activity

Detective walk

Binomial cube

Land and water forms

Montessori at home

Montessori inspired


Continent globe extension

Wagon wash

Watering flower garden

Planting tomatoes

Large Stencil/ Metal Inset

Galaxy Painting

Planet painting

Dino continent extension

Knobbed cylinders

Color Match

Trace the line

Letter Match

Galaxy Letter Sound Games

Asteroid Belt