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Learning Is Fun with us

🔷Divya, SAHM of 2🇸🇬 🔶Low Preparation &Play Based Ideas 🔷Everyday play#learningisfunwithus 🔶Engaging Printables for little ones👇🏻


Drop a drop

Easy to do fine motor activities

Match the symbols

Count and Drop

Trim a Carp

Fill the flower

Shapes Matching

Sort the colours

Shape City

Fill the Shapes

Play Dough Flowers

DIY Maths Play

Ultimate list of Fine Motor Supplies

Dino World

Tp 🧻 roll carp

Match my ears

Scoop & Pour

DIY Fine Motor and Hand Coordination Activity

Salad by Kids

Toddler Art

Hand Eye Coordination Activity for Toddler

DIY Solar System

Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor and Colour Association Activity

Activity Shelf for Toddlers

Volcanic 🌋 Eruption

Animal Rescue !!

Toddler Activity Shelf !!

File Folder Games for Toddlers !!

Montessori Inspired Shelf for Toddlers!!

Busy Board

Books for 5-7 years old

Different Ways of Multiplication!!

shopping 🛍

Practicing Maths vow Shopping

line of symmetry

Montessori Inspired Shelf

Home Made PlayDough !!

DIY colour matching activity

kids Vocabulary Building!!

Montessori Inspired Shelf for my 19 months old daughter!!

Montessori Inspired Shelves for Toddlers

Montessori Inspired Shelves for Toddlers

Game for enhancing logical thinking , concentration and visual discrimination!!

Eyes and hand Coordination Activity !

Baby Stacking them up!!

Simple Sorting Games for babies

Shark Flip Flap Card

Go getter Smart game !!

Homophones practice

DIY Pom Pom activity

Our Montessori Inspired Geography Unit !!

DIY spatial intelligence activity

IQ blocks !!

Mega Blocks with a twist !

Pattern Cubes !!

Read the sight word and colour !!

Animals, their homes and food !!

Practicing R controlled vowels !!


Interactive Notebook for Homophones!!

Go Getter !!

Developing Critical Thinking !!

learning directions !!

Number Bonds

Nikitin Material

Magic / Bossy E

Nikitin Material

fine Motor skills

tangrams fun


letter to tooth 🦷 fairy 🧚‍♀️ by my 5 yrs old boy 👦

Solar System Jigsaw Puzzle

Solar System

maths and Logic Activity

Happy Holi

Dinosaur 🦕 Activities for curious minds !!

Fine Motor Activities for babies

Fine Motor skills


3D shapes practice with magformers

Visual Discrimination Activities for preschoolers

Number Bonds

Practicing 3D Shapes

learning Polygons

3D shapes

3D shapes matching

types of lines

Montessori inspired 3 D shapes sorting!!

Singular &Plural

100 no board

IQ Beads

coloured blocks

brain Teaser and Visual Discrimination activity for preschoolers

child Safety

Learning compound words

singular and plural

pattern copy

Compound words


Sight Word Parking Lot

Noun Practice

Brain Boosters

Place Value Activity

mathematics 🧮 number practice

Roll , Read and Write “Sight Words”