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Keeping Adam Happy

We are teacher parents chronicling our son’s happy childhood memories and homeschooling strategies.


Leftie Loosey, Righty Tighty!

Planting Seeds in the Park


How To Make A Makeshift Forklift

Setting Up A Tent

Sunset Viewing

Playing with Sticks

Exploring Aircrafts

Hugging Trees

Adam's DIY Aeroplane Cockpit

Homemade Rain Cloud

Flight School Playdate

Number Matching on the Fridge

Moon Sand

Mixing, Transferring and Pouring with Oobleck

Magnets and Metals Exploration

no bath toys

Naming aircrafts using recycled items

Naming Aircrafts

Science in Snacks

how to keep babies busy

How to Make a Toddler Help around the House

Sensory Play with Coffee Grounds

play schemas in young children