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Indie Jones Papa

father of one amazing kid!


Ship lamp

Rocket and pressure

Rabbit ears πŸ‘‚

Mother’s Day gift 🎁

Childhood Potential - partner conference

Stars ✨

Planetarium πŸͺ

Umbrella β˜‚ and rotation physics

Alphabet floor is lava

How do you explain spring

Rotation experiments

Mill and cogwheels

Interactive storytelling

Counting exercises

Cutting out clothes - from Benedykt and Sylvester

3d puzzle 🧩

Where is the ball? Trick

Magical πŸ§™β€β™€οΈ leaves πŸƒ

Solving the frog puzzle

Spinner game from Benedykt & Sylvester

Giant soap bubble 🧼

Puzzle game

Marble strategy game

Racing cars 🏎

Building machines

Potty training calendar πŸ“†

Running marbles

Building a train πŸš‚

Shape matching 2d and 3d

Cinema day

A zombie πŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈ 🧟

Colorful numbers

Small balls racing

Croc 🐊 and eagle πŸ¦…

Air pressure and balls

Puzzle - cars

Flying airplanes ✈️

Washing insects in a tub πŸ›

Climbing, jumping, crawling

Stickers and reading

Building an arch bridge πŸŒ‰

Butterfly πŸ¦‹ - drawing

Tak and whale - drawing

Pirates, swords and coins

Arts day at home

Explaining topics

Magic fox 🦊 drawing ✍️

Cutting out animals

Cutting and fish 🐟 🐠

3d shapes - from Benedykt and Sylvester

House 🏑 and trees 🌲

Animal drawings

Building a ship 🚒

Find your way out in a labyrinth

Blackboard and using two hands, chalk

Domino counting

Rolling ball - constructions, physics

Beautiful calligraphy- letters ✍️

Puzzle, memory game, shapes- all in one


Systems in the human body - Benedykt and Sylvester

Body parts from Benedykt and Sylvester

3d shapes from Benedykt and Sylvester

Two suns, stars and a house 🏑

Big city map πŸ—Ί exploration

How movies work πŸŽ₯

Rotation and light πŸ’‘ physics experiments

Planets πŸͺ and the Sun β˜€οΈ

Fun writing exercise ✍️

Drawing beautiful letters ❀️

Montessori activities from Benedykt & Sylvester

Spinning top and rotation

Newton’s cradle

How lenses work

Tsunami 🌊 in a box

Mixing colors

Earth 🌍 and orbiting

Light theater 🎭

Tesla coil

Pirate ship πŸ›³

Playing with lamps

Numbers and dimensions

Circus πŸŽͺ time

Numbers out of blocks

Garage for monster trucks

Sand city πŸ™

Letters and shapes using blocks

Shapes and cutting

Lego animals

Poo πŸ’© monster

Ball in the hole πŸ•³

Letters and stamps

Insect search πŸ”¦

Trace and draw ✍️

Domino circle out of blocks

Letter stamps

Parking lot

Robot πŸ€– out of blocks

Insects 🐜 πŸ•·

Spiders, ants and bugs

Coloring letters

Water and river outdoors

Dino cards on the floor

Doll museum - 2

Doll museum

Observing mice

Numbers and shapes on the carpet

Follow the line

Number matching

Animal coloring

Match the shadow

Rocket launch

Moving blocks from one place to another

Dinos in the water

Dino wearing a t-shirt

Dino πŸ¦• drawing

Dino world 🌍

Numbers and quantities

Cars 🚘 everywhere

Winter art πŸ–Ό ⛄️ snowman

Dino πŸ¦• and coloring

Building a tree 🌲

3yo 🧩 puzzles

Bees 🐝 lots of bees 🐝

Shapes and colors - wooden toys

Shapes and colors

Happy Father’s Day πŸ‘¨

Path discovery, traffic control

Color, counting, structure

Counting ladybugs 🐞

Fun slide game

Playing theater 🎭

Dino πŸ¦– Claus 🀢

Matching animals

Painting on the concrete

πŸš‚ trains and tunnels

Colorful roads

Coloring a train πŸš‚

Mixing colors, shapes

Drawing letters

Helicopter 🚁 DYI

Carton car and airplane parked at the airport floor

Flying very far

Magnetic car 🚘 DIY

Solar windmill

Drawing cars 🚘 πŸš™ in own worlds

Cars πŸš™ on paper πŸ“„

Boomerang πŸͺƒ for kids

Colorful shapes

Hula hoop and a small hill

Shadow theater 🎭

Building a garage

Conversation with a pony

Balance game

Constructing better and better planes ✈️

Origami ship πŸ›³ in the sink

Light reflections

Playing in a mud puddle

Toddler bike 🏍 🚴

Learning about rabbits 🐰

Car transporter

Zoo on the wall, among the stars ⭐️ 🦁

Drawing an apple 🍎

Hands πŸ™Œ and feet 🦢 drawing

Cleaning up 🧹 the playhouse for kids

Sled πŸ›· in the park

Freezing πŸ₯Ά soap 🧼 bubbles

Airplane ✈️ landing backwards

Magical πŸ§™β€β™€οΈ shelf in the magical garden room

Car πŸš— game

Snow ⛄️ ball ⚽️

Penguin 🐧 at home

Piano 🎹 on the floor

Lego chair πŸͺ‘

Straight lines

Sharpening pencils ✏️

🌚 moon 🌝 snail 🐌 drawing

Drawing session - shapes and colors

Small objects and cups

Drawing exercises

Buyers and sellers

Big Lego experience

Drawing πŸ¦– dinos

Follow the penguins 🐧 🐧

Scooters πŸ›΄ in the backyard

Shapes and 🧩 puzzle

Experimenting with shapes

Winter πŸ₯Ά ❄️ decorations

Plane ✈️ construction

Winter farm visit: hello sheep!

Snowman β˜ƒοΈ

Learning about order and pattern

Painting 3d objects

Carton car πŸš— at home

Counting for toddlers

Drawing people

House 🏠 on Mars

Alphabet - writing exercises

Diaper soccer πŸ₯… ⚽️

Digging out a dino πŸ¦• πŸ¦–

Solving a 3d puzzle game

Planets with a toddler

Physics classes - it keeps coming back

Designing clothes with papa

Coins, colors, structures

Head, hands, legs - where do they fit

Touching the rainbow

Work environment for a toddler

3D animals, pictures of animals

AI with a toddler and older kids

Learning about hygiene and viruses

Flying simulation

Biking with papa

Painting with a toddler- inspiring the technique

Playing piano let’s

Blackboard and chalk drawing

Painting exercises

Recognizing characters in drawings

Reading under the stars

Stars on the wall

Working together with Mama

Da Vinci drawings

Lights in the tube - lighthouse

Drawing shapes

Chasing the drone

Playing zoo

Flying balls

Water transfer with a toddler

Tell a story with story cards

Tell an ocean story with sticker books

The Pink Tower Activity: Pyramid building

Home DIY String and beads activity

Introducing Toddler Washing Hands

Home DIY balance exercise

Targets and inclined planes

Hand transfer and beautiful stones

2D version paper pink tower

Matching colors on the floor

Centrifugal force and plenty of colors

Safe experiments with water

Fort β€œRed Kingdom”

Treasure Purse Activity

Rotating pot

Scooping, Spooning and Dry Pouring using different scoop sizes

Matching socks with a toddler

Scooping and straining activity with a toddler

Headphone music and no music

Music and rhythm exercise with a toddler

Tea time exercise

Playing ball in a circle

Secret code game

Clicking, painting and puzzles on ipad

Playing with small rabbits

Pouring activity with bottle and cups for toddlers

Dressing a friend animal

Growing Worms Game for toddlers

Hiding colors

Geometric figures with sticks

Digging treasures at home

Preparing a meal with a toddler

Lunch activity: Cracking eggs with a toddler

Baby piano

Introducing Shape Puzzles Matching Game

Introducing Ukulele sound to a toddler

Basketball at home

Hand transfer activity: Move objects from one place to another

Stunts with a small car in a safe environment

Shoot at target

Use a towel to learn about friction

Playing with objects in cups

Playing football with a toddler

Drawing game

Water game

Under the door

Playing with a random process

Playing with shadows

Temple with legos

Strange Tower

Balancing legos

Noah running

Noah’s first steps

Tube game

Rotating ball

Standing up with a baby

Playing a piano game

Balance training

Glowing ball - a magical night

Teaching music - little rockstar!

Learning how to move

Building mobile games with kids

Photography workshop for kids aged 7-12

Football with a baby

Disco imagination

Cars and roads

Plenty of balls

Building things, different forms

Putting things into a big box

Blue ball on the head magic trick

Funny he he he he throwing ball

Put one cup into the other cup

play with shapes!

pattern guessing 3

pattern guessing 2

pattern guessing

learning shapes

classification of objects

sorting exercise

addition and games

adding numbers with colors

squares in mathematics

partial fractions