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Charanya Suresh


Farm animals in cornstarch obleek

Baking soda vinegar volcano

Cooking poori

Indoor gardening

Independence with getting water

Sea creatures sticker activity

Lockdown yoga

Learning human anatomy

Shapes with buds

Learning shapes

Monuments matching

Making popsicle

Learning ABCD

Frozen animals

Dot painting

Finger painting turned into body painting

Sea transport this week

Air transport matching

Helping in cooking

Easy diy busy board

Colour sorting with pasta

Harmony day - indian traditional dolls - be inclusive

Lunar new year in a cheongsam - teaching to be inclusiv

Bathing babies

Camping - best activity of all

Gardening in the sand pit

Participating in easter colouring contest

St patrick s day play with shaving cream

Teaching sustainable living - banana water as fertilise

Bubble snake

Colour sorting posting activity

Only way to travel the globe in a pandemic !

Independence in playing her own music

Learning about flags

Matching activity ocean

Are you in a lockdown don’t worry bring the beach home😊

Rainbow spaghetti sensory activity

Pulling up and cruising

Painting with a 6 month old

Edible Yoghurt painting

Cooking and cleaning

Cleaning courtyard

Making smoothie

Mess free painting using budha board

Firework painting

Multi language colours

Matching flowers

Matching Organs