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Benedykt and Sylvester

We are a family of 5 in the UK that likes to incorporate a Montessori lifestyle at home as much as we can. We have an online shop where I sell my Montessori aligned learning resources to support other families to learn at home.


Prepare the environment with child sized tools

SLOW DOWN - let them help themselves

Montessori Learning Tiles are perfect for 18m+ CE ✅

Quick phonics work

Wooden tiles for art lovers

Super fast card DIY

Bug hunting… spring is coming!

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Halloween Themed Worksheet Bundle Montessori

Learning a New Skill - Posting

Real Life Montessori Bedroom

Continuing Montessori after School Starts

Montessori Kitchen

Got a baby that just wants to eat stones all day?

Weather & Seasons Subscription Box Out Now!

Kitchen Work

Nature Painting with Water

Nailed it!

Final Day to Order Footprints Topic - Friday!!!

Cloud Identifier - Subscribers Exclusive

Outdoor Nature Stay & Play

Spring Chickens 🐓🥰

3 part wooden tiles - the most durable Montessori cards

Have you ever cooked with dandelions?

What do they eat?

Montessori Subscription Box | Benedykt & Sylvester

A different kitchen activity

It’s Springtime! Repotting herbs.


Time for Pizza

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Cooking for Someone Special

Getting Dressed Hack for 2 years old


Number Work

Developing your Voice in 5 months

Snack Time

Pirate Ships for Lunch

Getting dressed at 20 months old

Pluto is Available with our Planets Set

Solar System Exploration

Encouraging Language Development

Exploring the African Savannah

Habitat Discovery of Australian Animals

Colour Matching Fun

Exploring Planets with Montessori Learning Tiles

Play Silks (or Satin) Great for Imaginative Play

Shaving Foam Sensory Fun

Recognising & Understanding Emotions

Spot the Favourite Specialist Vehicles

Montessori Placemats Teach Order

Setting the Table brings a Great Sense of Order

IKEA delivery = practical life practise

Trying => perfecting... Brushing Hair

Skill building transferring activity with litter picker

Pouring Drinks

Starting out in the kitchen

Colour Sorting Toys

Learning about the anatomy of a leaf

The Magnificent Book of Animals

Animal Footprints Identification

Where do they live?

Encourage Independent Dressing with Accessible Wardrobe

Making Porridge

Spotting Colours of Nature - Montessori Learning Tiles

Spot the Phase of the Moon - Montessori Learning Tiles

Rainbow Toast with Milk & Food Colouring for Breakfast

Name that Dinosaur - Montessori Learning Tiles

Moveable Alphabet Phonics Practise

Let’s Learn about our Moon - Montessori Learning Tiles

Animal Matching with Montessori Learning Tiles

Studying Nature with Montessori Learning Tiles

Colour Matching with Montessori Learning Tiles

Edible counting snack activity

Introducing Geography Montessori Aligned

Christmas Dinner Preparation 2.5yrs

Baby progress / expectations 20 weeks old

Laundry and other “chores” - practical life

Making Eggs at 22 months

Continent Exploring

Kitchen Work

Phonics Tray for Miniatures for Language Learning

Stand Up Diaper / Nappy Change

Learning How to Get Dressed

Pouring and transferring with lentils on play tray

Montessori Placemats Facilitate a Sense of Order

Montessori Practical Life Making Scrambled Eggs 23month

Montessori 3 Part Card Animal Matching Activity