The future of home education

Little Tesla is a global movement of forward-thinking people from home education communities. It was established in 2018 by the HowApp’s founder, Lihan Deng. Its focus is the education of the future generations and dedicate ourselves to help parents raise smart and curious kids.

We believe that every kid worldwide should have the opportunity to get learning support from parents and learn science, technology, art, engineering and math in safe and healthy environments.

We're a group of engineers, researchers, designers and artists, but - most importantly- we have all been once schooled and now become parents who care about learning, and want to inspire others.

A global solution for all

Worldwide home and STEAM education are on the rise, and are predicted to grow even faster as the internet and technology get more involved. Yet, there are only very few innovative apps available in the market that meet the growing needs of parents. Traditionally, parents and teachers, who blog about their learning activities and ideas, are not product builders.

We address the needs of modern parents and build a mobile schooling community. The Team wants to make educational content fun, creative and engaging for both parents and kids. We want to foster the love of learning and keep children entertained and interested at the same time.

Building awareness of STEAM education

HowApp emphasizes the value of STEAM education as a driving force behind the teaching and learning technologies. We celebrate art being a part of STEAM, as compared to STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). We hope to better prepare future generations to collaborate with machines in the 21st-century’s economy.

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