HowApp Ambassador Program

HowApp is the world's first mobile learning stories sharing app. We apply science and technology to solve problems related to what and how people learn.

HowApp Ambassadors (or HowApp Voices) is a community of highly informed, engaged, forward-thinking people who support and speak out about HowApp. They are a part of a global movement that empowers students and homeschoolers to push "lifelong learning as a lifestyle" forward. Our goal is to inspire more people to talk about their learning stories and experiences, and encourage the exchange of information between them. Watch our video here.

Why we’re here

We want to help people all around the world learn, work and live smarter. HowApp Ambassadors are essential to this mission. Ambassadors are our first movers - they have the know-how and experience that can help learners level-up their skills and stay curious. As early adopters in this educational movement, ambassadors can grow their audience and add to their personal or company brand. Read more here
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