What is STEAM Education?

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math, and represents a powerful approach to education, in which kids’ intellectual growth is guided by their progress in those five fields.

If you’re familiar with STEM education, then you probably already know about STEAM education. When it comes to “art”, it goes beyond aesthetics. The ‘A’ represents liberal arts such as language arts, social studies, physical arts, fine arts and music etc.

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Our Story

My name is Lihan and I’m a wife and a mom of an 11-month old baby, Noah. While being pregnant, I was already thinking how to help my child learn and grow. I suffered a lot in the traditional schooling system, because of its strict structure and inadequate requirements.

I have always been very passionate about learning and family education. I am considering homeschooling for my son Noah. As a tech major in college and a former procurement professional, I love the concept of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) education.

My team and I soon realized that home and STEAM education are on the rise and are predicted to grow even faster as the internet and technology get more involved. Yet, there are only very few innovative apps available in the market that meet the growing needs of parents. Traditionally, parents and teachers, who blog about their learning activities and ideas, are not product builders.

We made HowApp to address the needs of parents by building a mobile schooling community with a rich variety of curated STEAM learning activities for kids. We want to make HowApp content fun, creative and engaging for both parents and kids. Let’s foster together the love for learning and keep our kids both entertained and interested at the same time.

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Our Activities

HOWAPP Features

Thousands of learning activities for kids

Hundreds of educational videos

Get inspired by many learning ideas, tips and stories

Share your favourite HowApp learning activities with others

Save your favourite ideas as personalised bookmarks

Follow the step-by-step instructions under the HowApp videos

Connect with other parents and teachers

Upload your learning activity photos and videos

What do our users say

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Learning tips and stories, the ideal app for family education.

Lily Amy
Very active HowApp user

Loving the app! a lot of meaningful ideas and activities that I can do at home with my children!

Penny Lee
Very active HowApp user

I really love Howapp FB page, I am using the app now and I got inspired from their ideas and am waiting for them to add more.

Penny Lang
Very active HowApp user

Learning through play

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HowApp Partnership Program

At HowApp, we bring learning techniques and methods to everyone’s daily life. In this context, we cooperate with selected brands by offering them individual content-marketing opportunities in a video-based, premium environment. By creating stories, we generate benefits for both our users and partners: users will discover unique premium content without the interruption of classic ads, whereas brands can share their stories.

Our Concept, Explained in 3 Steps

Video Content
The HowApp team will create a creative learning story video tailored to your needs. It will highlight your brand’s USP.

The produced content will be then distributed through the HowApp cross-media channels for a specified period of time.

We provide your brand with valuable insights regarding current teaching and learning trends, as well as your brand’s image in the field.

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Lihan Deng (partner@thehowapp.com, + 49 (0) 179 4064 604)
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Our Ambassadors

Divya Gupta
Founder of @learningisfun

Cheryl Ow
Founder of @ow.monterssori.family

Sheryll Shaikh
Founder of @keeping.adam.happy

Fortune Cookie Mom
Founder of Fortune Cookie Mom

Moni S Ibram
Founder of 1,2..3 Let's Learn Montessori

Nicole Jones

Salma Mehajabeen Shajahan
Founder of Alizeh my soul

HowApp Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program

HowApp is the world's first mobile learning stories sharing app. We apply science and technology to solve problems related to what and how people learn.

HowApp Ambassadors (or HowApp Voices) is a community of highly informed, engaged, forward-thinking people who support and speak out about HowApp. They are a part of a global movement that empowers parents and educators to push "lifelong learning as a lifestyle" forward. Our goal is to inspire more people to talk about their learning stories and experiences, and encourage the exchange of information between them. Watch our video here.

Why we are here?

We want to help people all around the world learn, work and live smarter. HowApp Ambassadors are essential to this mission. Ambassadors are our first movers - they have the know-how and experience that can help learners level-up their skills and stay curious. As early adopters in this educational movement, ambassadors can grow their audience and add to their personal or company brand.

An Ambassador of HowApp will:
  • Share learning experiences in HowApp,
  • Share information about HowApp and our mission both online and in their social circles,
  • Give feedback and help improve HowApp,
  • Help change social attitudes towards learning and promote learning as a lifestyle in daily life.
  • A HowApp Ambassador will:
  • Connect with an exclusive network of HowApp Ambassadors from all over the world,
  • Get early access to new features and promotions in HowApp,
  • Get featured in the company resources, blogs etc.,
  • Receive the official HowApp Ambassador Badge to put on the CV, LinkedIn or profile.
  • Learning: an ambassador continuously and systematically learns about their field
  • Sharing: an ambassador uses HowApp to share their learning experience and learning tips
  • Acting: an ambassador is a team player and takes action to help others learn better
  • Be considerate and respectful towards other people
  • Comments and/or sharing that are directly or indirectly related to violence, sexist, racist or homophobic will not be tolerated
  • Failure to follow HowApp values will result in removal from the community
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